How To Home Theater: DIY Space Themed Home Theater Ideas
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Katherine Monet

An outrageous idea came into my mind last night. I thought about what it would be like if I could go on a date with someone in space! Sounds impossible and unobtainable. Unless you’re an astronaut who can, that’s beside my point. Anyway, that wasn’t the outrageous idea I had in mind, it’s something else. What if there was a theater in space! You can literally watch a movie in a theater while asteroids and comets pass by and the shadows of planets in our solar system by the corner of your eye. Wouldn’t that be cool! I think it is. From one idea to the next, I am on a rapid fire coming up with new story ideas for story series I like creating so much. It’s crazy how many series I have and adding a new kind like this to add to the list. As always, I’m always planning a series, and this new one is definitely about a theater in space. Movie and out everybody.

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