Katherine Monet

One of my favorite things to do on the blog is to read all of your comments. I find that I receive a lot of comments asking advice for how I write my posts efficiently and how I start writing posts. My best advice for aspiring bloggers is that, usually you should always plan ahead your posts and to organize them with dates. You must always remember to post at least three to four days of the week to create online traffic to your site. I often remind myself of a quote that Neil Gaiman said, “write what you care about, and write what others want to read.” This is a huge part of the process when writing good posts or articles. Another is to always have catchy titles and as well get creative and do it your own unique way. This tip will help for someone who’s starting out and it took me a while to find this out all on my own with years of experience.

Just know to all those blog writers who are willing to give commitment to your blog/ website, is that you’re not alone when the going gets tough. I’ve been through that myself. I started out with a blog called, The Fresh Writer then I changed it to Rainstreamwriter. I actually like the first one I came up with better. My point is, I’ve been through the tough beginning and feel free to ask in the comments for more advice.

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