Brie Larson, Entertainment Weekly Tease Something 'Marvelous' Tomorrow

Katherine Monet

The Theaters Movie experience is always the best. Speaking of those experiences, I will share all of the movies I went to at the theater with my Dad. One of them is Captain Marvel. This movie was great, especially the seats in the theater. Here’s a little secret, if you want the best viewing, it’s at the second row all the way to the top in the middle, remember that next time when you go out to the theaters. Anyways, more on the movie itself, Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson and it’s a superhero movie, I’m sure you know that already.

Besides that, what matters the most isn’t the movie itself. It’s about spending time with someone you love. A friend or family.

Movie and out, everybody. [ This is my first ending post catchphrase for my posts. For now on, I’ll be creating a couple more catchphrases to end off a post. I’ll write again soon.}

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