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Marvelous Tomorrow Original: Movie Stories

By Katherine Monet 

Most of the time I love to create a bunch of ideas for the blog and especially for this newsletter. Speaking of ideas, Marvelous Tomorrow Original is expanding to the extent of story plots I like to call Movie Stories. These stories are more like when someone pitches a movie idea to a bunch of people in a board room at the television company. If the blog was a television company I would call it Marvelous Tomorrow Original Productions just for this particular idea. Elaborating on the idea, let me define this more specifically. One of my favorite websites I like to go on for inspiration is ScreenRant, where there’s news on the latest movies, theories, and in-depth articles about iconic characters. I would do something similar but with my own original ideas. Exploring my imagination in a whole different way I didn’t expect of many worlds I can create. That could be a separate newsletter maybe! Sounds interesting to me! 

On the contrary, putting together the two ideas of The Three Story Ideas and the ScreenRant comparison builds the opportunity to share more about the worlds I’ve created. What are some of your thoughts? Is this something you’re interested in? Let me know in the comments. 

To Follow Your Passion, While You Take On Everything Else 

By Katherine Monet 

Passion is everything when it comes to going after your dream, but it’s a long process to get there. Passion is a connection towards your big dream. I was told by someone special to me that I’m going to reach for the stars, that’s my go to mantra when I remember that in the moment when I’m going through a writer’s rut. I recently learned from someone else in my family who helped me to realize that I need to start from the bottom and slowly step on the small stepping stones to get myself out there. This applies to everyone else who’s going through a tough time like this. Besides your dream you’re going after, don’t forget about the reality of gaining the money you need. This part is definitely challenging, just know that money helps to get food on your table. If ever any of you would like any other life challenge encouragement, feel free to ask anything in the comments. 

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