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I would like to share with all of you some of my work on one of my collections of series called Stranger Fiction Club. Let me know what you guys think of the story:

#1: The three friends, Cara, Julianna, and Blake are big book readers and collect as many books to read. They decided to create a book club in an empty, never used classroom. One morning, Cara goes to the school’s big library and a book falls on her. When she saw where it came from, she saw something strange and pulled out a magnificent mahogany gold decorated box. Cara goes to see her friends at the club classroom and shows them what she found. They opened the box and found yearbooks, enchantment books, jewels, pictures, sketches, and other odd things. Julianna finds a notebook that was buried under all the stuff and that’s the beginning of their new found adventure that awaits them. The notebook reveals a lot of information and the girls go back to the library to uncover a huge secret and discovery. 

#2: The next day at the school’s library, the girls have more questions than answers about how the school used to be magical. When Blake finds an interesting book that somehow she couldn’t take out of the shelf has activated a mechanism that reveals a secret door. They find the key atop of the book spine from the book Blake found and open the door. They enter into a different designed classroom and find papers scattered on the teacher’s desk. On one of the papers was drawn a glass globe with purple designed spirals. The girls go back into the library and find a book of magical items hidden in a secret compartment on the bookshelf Blake accidentally hit. The three of them learn what the drawn item is called, The Seer of Narkolpeles. The three of them agreed to keep their discoveries a secret. Speaking of discoveries, they find a statue hidden in a corner behind a tall plant of a girl named Adria Lavergoddem. 

#3: As the mysteries keep adding up, the girls want to find out what all these discoveries have in common. The three girls set up the club room with flip transparent boards on wheels and begin to put on their pictures of recent discoveries, Revisiting the notebook gives the girls an interesting lead. They take out the year books and find out a shocking discovery, that their parents both parents, father and mother of each of them who have passed away at their birth coming to the conclusion that they’re all adopted. How are their parents involved with everything they’ve found out? Could it be that their parents are somehow magical powered? 

#4: When Cara, Blake, and Julianna take a closer look at the things in the box, they find their mother’s wedding rings and pictures of them in three separate albums. Among the things in the box, they find gold wands. The girls finally came up with a connection. That there used to be a magical school and concluded with everything they found that their school used to be magical. The connections are now coming together. But when Julianna secretly takes one of the three golden wands and goes to the library, she finds the statue of the girl Adria and touches the stone with the wand. Suddenly, the stone of the girl came off to reveal the girl inside it who was alive. Adria thanked Julianna and went off. Julianna hurries to find her friends and tells them what she has done. The three of them meet up with Adria and bring her to the club room. Adria tells the girls her story and asks where the others are. What others was she implying?

#5: At the club room, the three girls find out a lot from Adria who knows their parents and tells them that there are other hidden statues hidden in the school. The four of them set out to find the rest of the statues with an organized sticky note system to see how many there are. They soon realized there’s way more statues than they had expected. When Cara goes to the library to get the magical books from the shelves, she finds a file and brings it back to the club room and discovers more sketches of moon calendars, symbols, charts, black and white pictures in an envelope, and a necklace inside the envelope. The mysteries keep adding up but everything the girls have done so far can’t make sense of the information and the situation where it’s all leading to. Adria tells them there’s a book in the library that will give the girls their answers. But they have to go through multiple characteristic tests in order to get it and they have no idea what lies ahead of them in the test. Are they willing to go through the tests filled with the unexpected? 

#6: The girls finally obtain the book of the secret magical world that used to exist, called Markleose. They learn more about the magical world and revisit the yearbooks in case they missed something. While rummaging through the box, Julianna looks in the albums again and  finds letters from each of their parents telling them the truth of  having magical powers and are Enchantitioners [enchanter / practitioner]. The girls soon realize how they’re connected to the whole secret realm of Enchantitioners. But when snakes somehow unleashed into the school caused a major thrill. 

#7: The next day when the girls return to the club room and realize how the connections make sense. They do a new board of books based on their fantasy and understand what they’re dealing with. Which makes them wary about what danger can lie ahead of them? Putting that idea at the back of their minds, when the girls bring back the stoned students and teachers, the girls bring them to the club room. The three girls look through the book of Markleose world and learn more about the magical school and find a ginormous map of the school and Cara finds where the others could stay hidden. But one of the enchantitioner teachers named Haze Cornleon warns them that danger is near who has psychic visions. What danger is coming?

#8: The girls return to the club room and the book of Markleose is strangely acting up. They read on the page about a powerful Enchantizard [ wizard enchantitioner] named Jaziel Rageraze. But they remembered what Haze told them about danger coming and had a vision. They find out from Haze that he saw Jaziel who was riding a Grynnix [ head and wings of a hawk and a body of a lion] heading their way to the school. The girls learned that Jaziel is after the Stone of Narkolpeles which was stolen from him. Who stole the stone from Jaziel? And how are the girls going to stop him before he gets to it? 

#9: The battle against Jaziel was incredible, thanks to Julianna’s idea of using the golden wands against him. They defeated him but didn’t stop him from obtaining his magical stone. Adria joins Julianna, Cara, and Blake at the club room to study what the stone’s power is and what its capabilities are and how are they going to get it back. But when the school’s gossip girl Kade Taylor finds the club room, she hangs out to find out what they’re up to. As the lies keep piling high and Kade who stocks around to see what action is going on, the girls and Adria pretend they’re writing a story of what’s happening and a plan of action to get back the stone. Adria eventually gets rid of Kade but a new problem has arised when Jaziel changes history from the past which has changed something they read from the Markleose book and the girls must travel to the past in order to get back the stone before it can wipe out their memories and life if they run into Jaziel. 

#10: Cara, Blake, and Julianna are stuck in the past and haven’t returned. They communicate with Adria in the present by going to the exact class room of Kleose Academy, the magical school to the classroom that is the club room in the present. The girls watch the Enchantitioner students and see their parents. The events unfold and learn something that will change their lives that has been kept from them. But Jaziel hunts the girls down to take them out of his way and is hot on their tails. The three of them find a wheel turning wall time machine that will bring them back to the present they found in a classroom but a strange emerald cloaked figure chained [ gold] them to the desk and took their necklaces. Who’s the figure and why did it chain them and take their necklaces? Will they ever get back to the present?

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