Katherine Monet

From what I’ve read in the comments you all wrote, I’m considering your ideas to make your visit here at the blog more interesting. I will do my utmost best. Some of you suggested that my posts could be longer, no problem, I will definitely write longer posts. Other than that, there are some comments that have mentioned an idea for a community to join; I wasn’t going to mention this yet, but since the idea was brought up, I already thought about it before the comment was posted. I will definitely let you all know on any updates about the community. Besides that, another comment that was posted, suggested that I put some pictures on the blog. Thank you to the person who reminded me to post more pictures.

On a side note, there will be some minor changes to the blog. I will be posting a privacy policy I am working on. In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate for all of you to not share your links to your website or blog in the comments or to mention anything off topic, to offer me anything, and asking to share my hosting. I received some comments that I had to delete because of these kinds of comments. Those are my rules and I have to set that barrier. I hope you all understand.

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