Katherine Monet

I haven’t written The Three Story ideas in a while and here are some new story ideas someday I’ll write:

Artentainment [ short story series]

The new art teacher Steven Williams at Thomas Jefferson High gathers hidden talented teens into a club called Artentainment gives them challenges to better their talents and to join in on all sorts of shows and competitions to great opportunities. But when the volleyball coach Sylvester Scarford who wants to bring down the overly optimistic teacher and the club in all ways necessary in order to bring herself to a much higher standard in the school. 

Stranger Fiction Club [series]

Three best friends, Julianna, Cara, and Blake start a club of their own at school. It started off as a book club and shared what they liked about the book. One day, when a book fell on Cara at the school’s library discovers a secret box hidden in the bookshelves. Cara shares her discovery with the others and finds themselves in a magical scavenger hunt scouring to uncover and restore a secret magical world within their school that hides many secrets. 

Women In Red [ series]

A secret organization hidden in a metro called Women In Red, an organization that faces threats of aliens, robots, Wizard Technicians, telepathic killers and much more. In collaboration with another organization within their own called Men In Emerald. When a top notch agent codenamed Charles aka Carter was assigned to team up with Desmond Shovv. [MIE] The two have to learn how to cope with the sudden change and put their differences aside which is harder than they expected in order to take down the threats amongst them and their greatest enemy Mav Griffin. 

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