Katherine Monet

Galaxy Crusades

Luz Trekwander goes on a journey alongside her training master Odi – Kamenobe and a galactic team of warriors join their forces when the Machinedroids of another planet invaded theirs by its leader named Darkthunder who eliminates the Empryer [emperor] of the Universe and takes over. Luz, Odi, and the warriors risk everything in order to take down Darkthunder and restore peace once again.

Fool’s Paradise

A group of people were washed off shore on a small island where they found military boxes half buried. When they learn their shipwreck was no accident, these group of very skilled people are in for trouble in paradise, a military island. Each of them have to decode a cryptic message with their help of expertise and is tied with their situation as they plan to escape the fooled island they were drawn to.

The Hidden Garden

Macie June moves into her Aunt Kathleen’s home when her Uncle Garry has died. She explores her new home and discovers a hidden garden behind a wall. Macie continues to go to the hidden garden and one day she learns something she wasn’t supposed to find out. Kathleen, her maid Teachery, butler Mr. Gaven, and her husband Cantelope are hiding something else big and soon it will be revealed!

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