The Newsletter Expansion of All of My Ideas

Katherine Monet

Special Announcement!

Marvelous Tomorrow is growing and expanding. I’m creating a newsletter for the blog to grow my ideas I’ve created to something more. I’ll be writing mini articles based off of the ideas I created , such as; Saturday Night Trailers, Tonight Show Games, the TV show trailers, my story ideas, may be short stories, more on Moral of the Films, Throwbacks/ Throwback Facts of the past, poems, and the values of learning and growing life challenges we all face daily. Let this newsletter be the beginning and the start of the Marvelous now!


April 12, 2021 at 7:21 pm

I look foreword to the newsletter. Anything that can spark a conversation on morals mixed with some informative and entertaining content is an important addition to my day. Thank you Katherine.

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