The Moral of the Film Bedtime Stories

Katherine Monet

I’m starting something new called The Moral of the Film. This post idea came across my mind as I was reading a lot of comments on the Saturday Night Trailer: Bedtime Stories post. As many of you commented about how a simple movie can make an impact for people to learn the films’ meaning, I took upon myself to dig a little deeper into the film itself.

Bedtime Stories is a film about a man named Skeeter Bronson [ portrayed by Adam Sandler] who lives an ordinary life as a handyman in a motel. He tells his niece and nephew one night a bedtime story and the next thing he knows they’re coming true.

This film is comedic and hilarious as the events unfold and it also tells the story of how to never give up, even though there are many ups and downs for the main character. When Skeeter learns that he’s not the one who’s making the bedtime stories come true has a realization that his nephew and niece are. I think it’s incredible that kids can come up with an amazing creative imagination and it’s important to do that because that’s one way of many others to be open minded to the world around us.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments. If you’d like this post, I’ll definitely write more.

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