The Three Story Ideas

Katherine Monet Fahrenheit 700 A secret society called The Fire Men learn of the greatest powerful device called The Fahrenheit, a lighter […]

Saturday Night Trailer: Time Toys

Katherine Monet Happy Saturday Night! This past week was my birthday and on my birthday night, I found this movie on Amazon […]

A New Form of a Secret

Katherine Monet I revealed my writing secret when I posted on the 100th post and now a new idea of a secret […]

Throwback Sunday 60’s Facts

Katherine Monet The Throwback Sunday is back at full force and I’m sharing interesting facts from the 60’s: In the 1960’s, The […]

The Magical Ones Series

Katherine Monet One of my favorite series I love to write is all I’ve been writing a bunch of series. Why? I’m […]

The Legendary New York New York

Katherine Monet New York has claimed to be the famous city that doesn’t sleep! As many of you all already know, there’s […]