Katherine Monet

A throwback of the past of the 90’s facts is now taking the storm on for tonight, here’s a list of 10 facts from the 90’s:

  1. Jackie Chan voice acted the Beast in Beauty and the Beast in Chinese
  2. The Backstreet Boys owe their name to, a flea market
  3. Light up sneakers were invented in 1992
  4. The Toy Bop It was inspired by the games of Simon and Whack – A – Mole
  5. The first Google servers storage rack was made of Legos
  6. The Magic School Bus was created to keep girls and minorities interested in science
  7. Mike Myers got the inspiration for the Austin Power films after hearing Dusty Springfield’s song , The Look of Love
  8. Will Smith knew that people would call him by his Fresh Prince of Bel – Air character name for the rest of his life, so he named the character Will Smith
  9. Pepsi tested around 3,000 variations for crystal Pepsi, and it wasn’t enough
  10. Slap bracelets noisily adorned wrists in high schools everywhere

Source for my inspiration in finding all these incredible facts from Mentalfloss.com

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