Katherine Monet

It’s official, today is the date of the 100 post, and now its time to reveal the secret. I’ve waited so long for this and I’m really excited to share the secret. Here it is: I wrote to all of you in a post about The Adventurers series, which is something I am working on as we speak. After when I am done with the first six of the series, my plan is to put it on Kindle! That’s right, Kindle!

Other than that, I would like to share the series with all of you as well. I can write what each of them is about for a little sneak peek. Now its time for a new challenge, I am going to write so many posts until I have at least a 1000! Sounds crazy, but I am going to do it, just like what I did for the 100 post. This time, when I reach the 1000th post, I will reveal a bigger writers secret!

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