Katherine Monet

Lately, during the passed week was a little bit hard to come up with posts for the blog, because I am going through a writers stuck phase. Writers Stuck means that there is a barrier between you and the words you write. Although, I think I found a way to get back in the writing. For all the writers out there, I would like to share with you how I got unstuck.

I first cleared my head and figure out what’s in the way. The way I did that was by writing down self reflection questions on a Google docs document, and I would have to answer honestly. Once I figured out that I am unsure what to write, I answered the question what I wanted to write. Later on in the day, I felt refreshed when I went to clear my head and did something else. Sometimes, doing other things can help you refresh your mind and then getting back to writing. I hope this post can help you out on whatever it is you’re going through. On that note, I’ll write again tomorrow!

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