Katherine Monet

Have you ever thought how so many things in your life drags you down, and that you eventually get tired of it, how can you still go about you’re every day life when you’re completely tired of everything. Well, here’s you’re answer right here: What is something you look forward to? What is something you love to do at the end of the day? What are your favorite hobbies that make you happy?

These three questions may sound a little like it’s not so necessary, but you might be surprised. Here are some examples: I look forward in watching an episode of Mission: Impossible, I first need a shower. I love to read my personal journal at the end of my day, first I’ll get through my day before I do. I love to color in my coloring book and it makes me happy, and I enjoy it. Take all these things, then turn into it a motivator for you to keep going through the tough times. You just have to get through the toughest of times to make yourself stronger and better. And one last thing, give someone else a smile and when you get one back, you’ll feel so much better.

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