Katherine Monet

As all of you already know, over the course of time, I have shared a lot of ideas. There are some I won’t do right away and some in progress. Just know this, every idea I put out there will eventually get written. Here it is:

Fast Zoom series

In a fast paced adventure series follows two best friends, Zoom Denning and Skyler Tensdon, who both discover a hidden lair in Zoom’s kitchen; where an AI called Project BDA occupies high tech gadgets and vehicles! When the two come upon evil projects and a whole bunch of secrets arises, Zoom discovers her parents are government scientists who were lying to her entire life! The two friends go on high speed missions to solve mysteries, stop crime, and saving the world from great danger in style!

Knives All: Whodunit: A Game of Clue

In a live action classic game of clue, a party at the Fitzjerald Hotel has gone wrong when a murder took place. Each guest is given a codename to protect their identities to solve the murder. First one who does, wins a million dollars. In this deadly game, accusations arise, lies are told, anyone is blamed or framed! Which one do you think is the killer in this interactive, twisted, mystery!?

Lost At the Sea’s Night

Four unlikely people, wind up on a sailboat lost at sea with no hope. They travel to the Bermuda Triangle, meeting uninviting sea monsters attacking them, pirates attempting to kill them for no reason, fighting against raging storms, marveling at fairytale islands with giant singing frogs, going down the rabbit hole, and at random to Venice, Italy. All of which happens to be a dream! But who’s dream?

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