Katherine Monet

Like the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, everything in this world is not what it seems! This title means something to me. I think it means that everything isn’t what it seems to be and it tells me that I should be careful, because we live in a crazy, big world. The world we live in is quite amazing too! But it’s not what it seems to be. This title tells me to question everything around me, it tells me to be curious, and it tells me how to judge my surroundings. All of this to say, is that this world seems endless and there are many unanswered questions and mysteries. I want to share this because this message tells you stay curious. So stay curious!

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  1. I like this approach in people. By all means it does speak to being cautious, but how you describe it is actually the hidden beauty in it. “Staying Curious”, People who have this innate skill, in my opinion, become very successful. They tend to question things, and even if it’s clear, their nature of staying curious, perhaps sees what others don’t. I work in the domain of analytics and this is the most important skill I look for in those that I hire. Being Curious, always wanting to dig into things, always questioning the status quo. Kudos to you that you see this not necessarily as a negative but more so as an asset to give you an open mind and to want to lean more. Well said!

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