Katherine Monet

Moving on is the hardest thing to do. Especially when the ones closest to you, your friends you care about the most. It’s extremely hard knowing that those people, friends who cared about you and you cared about them, who don’t talk to you anymore or trying to avoid them. It’s hard to let your feelings go down to a road where you feel alone. Possibly, many of you, think you’re completely alone, but that’s not true. Moving on from the past is a good thing, it’s a big change. But don’t let that change redirect your mind going into a lonely path. Many of us are, that’s why you’re not alone. You should be grateful for what you have now, because, there is no place like the present to start something new. You don’t have to feel desperate for a person in your life. When feeling that way, count the people in your family and that is like counting blessings. Plus, enjoy the video.

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