Katherine Monet

Hampton Hanson, a Physicist and Scientist, Robert Maskello are working on a secret project and it is in the one place no one expects, a remote laboratory island, called, Shatter Island. When a Russian submarine drops off some cargo, oil drums, to the island; opens a gate for military subs of American and Russian who are colleagues of the head in charge, Dr. Rem [Remington] Barden. Hanson and Maskello investigates the army out of suspicion, and end up finding out their real plans to activate the project frequency bomb grenade. Stealing the bomb from them to their remote, military island, called, Beader Island is where they’ll activate it. Resulting in chaos and a hunt, Hanson, Maskello, and Dr. Barden try to get back the project in time before it is too late! But will it be too late? What can this bomb do and affect? Will they get it back?

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