Katherine Monet

Kara Lightningstone, 13, learns she’s a legendary, powerful witch. One day, a mysterious man named Demetrius Doval warns her that she’s being hunted by a power hungry, evil Magician, The Man Who Shall Be Remained Nameless, Damemor[t ]Blackstone. Doval takes Kara to Wanguard Manor, a Alchemist Magic Craft secret school where she hides and enrolls. But one day, when the students and Masters [professors] are Terrorized [ sculpturized and trapped in their subconscious mind], Kara and a new friend Artemis team up to find out who’s behind this and learns about The Scorpion Curse. But when Blackstone finds Kara, he seeks to kill her. Will Blackstone succeed or will Kara be able to escape Blackstone’s grasp?

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