Sorry for a long delay, but unfortunately for me, my laptop has technical WiFi problems! Besides that downside, I have been working on some great stories. I’m writing a story called The What If! Game. Although I won’t tell you yet what it’s about, because that’s a completely different post.  Plus, I am going back to a particular story series called The Chosen Ones. I used to have this habit that I started a story but never finishing. That’s why I’m planning on finishing something I already have started. That will be my greatest mission yet.

Speaking of missions, No Time To Die is coming out starring the famous James Bond/ Daniel Craig. I bet it’s going to be a Bond of a time. If you’re planning on watching it in theaters go for it, the bigger the better. Have a lovely evening, or day, or night, somewhere in the world I hope y’all have a good one. Write to you soon my lovely readers. Don’t forget, you can follow and read to your hearts delight!

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