There’s a lot of to cover since I’ve been brainstorming ideas/ articles and here’s what to expect. Number one, The Challenge! The Challenge! is something I set up myself to do. For some examples: ride a skate board on the ceiling, I’m kidding! It’s physically impossible. This is something I can do, eat new foods I never eaten, challenging myself to enter a writing contest, win or lose. Or to find out I have super powers, I highly doubt that! Basically, it’s a challenge I set myself up to then I report my experience.

Number two, two in one, the Late Late Show of James Corden’s Fill Ur Guts “snacks” so to speak and The Jimmy Fallon Reviewer. James Corden is famous for his popular game Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts! with famous celebrities. What’s on the menu? There’s always something new on each round for every celebrity, it’s always different. What’s the new ingredient of the spinning table?! That’s something I’m investigating. For The Jimmy Fallon Reviewer, I’ll be in the buzz with what’s new on The Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show.

Thirdly, I have more new and improved story ideas to share with you. I even amaze myself sometimes with ideas that I never thought of. I have a notebook full of them. Good ones and the not good ones. Besides that, enjoy your reading experiences on the blog. Write to you soon.

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